Installation Instructions:

  1. Left-click on the download link for the desired language and save the language file (LNG) to the c:\rental\language directory.
  2. Open Rental-Software, navigate to Tools -> Change Language, and choose your language.
  3. Restart the software to apply the changes.
LanguageAuthorLast update/availableDownloads
EnglishSára Vajda04/2020Download file
FrenchSylvaind Guerin04/2020Download file
ItalianG. Trafieri04/2020Download file
SpanishOscar Ruiz04/2020Download file
Swedish04/2020Download file
PortugueseGilmar Mendes04/2020Download file
Brazilian-PortugueseJuliano Costai04/2020Download file

Thanks to the authors for maintaining translations!

If you have any new language file, please send us the file! We send FREE 1 license for you!

Creating a new Translation:

First of all send an e-mail to the developer ( to request a source language file (english) or download any language file.

The developer will send you a file called “english.lng”. Copy this file and rename it to “<YourLanguage>.lng”. Now open it with your favorite text editor.

You can see english strings in first & second row. In first row: name of your language, in second row: version of your file & your name & your contact email.

You now just need to replace all English strings by the ones of your language. Do not translate or delete the English strings in first & second row!

Copy your language file to c:\rental\language directory.

If you have any new language file, please send us the file! We send FREE 1 license for you!

Unfortunatelly, we support the program in English only!
Our team do not speak Norwegian, Czech, Greek, etc.

For the other languages:
Before you install the software, update for your operating system!